Оборудование синхронного перевода и конференц-системы в аренду

We provide rental equipment for conferences and congresses at various dificulties, as well as its operating during the event.

Types of equipment:

CONGRESS-Bosch NG Wireless 
To the participant the most important part of a conference system is the discussion unit. Bosch has built on the elegant design of the DCN Next Generation discussion units to create a new series of wireless discussion units with unrivalled looks and features. The DCN‑WDCS‑D Wireless Discussion Unit with Channel selector enables participants to speak, register a request-to-speak, listen tothe speaker or to an interpreter of their choice.
The DCN Wireless Access Point (WAP) links the central control unit (WCCU) and the wireless discussion units. To ensure security, data exchange between the WAPs and the wireless discussion units is digitally protected. The WAP is linked to the WCCU using Bosch's proprietary optical network, which provides digital optical communication and power supply over a single cable.
The DCN-WCCU is the brain of the DCN Wireless system. It provides control for up to 150 wireless discussion units and 95 DCN Next Generation wired units. The WCCU uses Bosch's proprietary optical network for easy connection to the wireless access point and other Bosch conference equipment. Networks can be set-up in single branch or redundant loop configurations, depending on the installed
Congress-Bosch Next Generation
 The top-of-the-range, multi-functional delegate unit meets the demands of even the largest conferences. It provides facilities for speaking, registering a request-to-speak, registering a request-to-respond, listening, voting, selecting language channels, chip card reading and displaying conference and user-related information. It has low susceptibility to interference from mobile phones.
The stylish and ergonomically designed chairman unit has all the necessary facilities to enable the user to chair a conference. It has low susceptibility to interference from mobile phones Similar in appearance to the DCN-CONFF Delegate Unit, the DCN-CONCM Chairman Unit includes a microphone priority button. When pressed, the priority button causes all currently active delegate microphones .
The Extension Power Supply unit is used in combination with a CCU to supply extra power to the DCN network.
The Central Control Unit (CCU) includes features for controlling delegate microphones, distributing simultaneous interpretation and conducting voting sessions, all without an operator. In combination with a PC, this control unit brings greater sophistication to conference control. Users can access an extensive range of software modules, each with a specific function in controlling and monitoring a conference. These modules greatly expand the capacity to manage a conference. In the event of PC failure, this control unit will revert to its stand-alone operation mode, enabling the conference to proceed.







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