Оборудование синхронного перевода и конференц-системы в аренду
Translation Equipment

Simultaneous translation equipment is available in both wired and wireless versions. Wire transfer is performed using the remote interpreters. Presented a digital infrared wireless audio distribution system Integrus, providing up to 32 channels of simultaneous translation.
Simultaneous interpretation is based on a congress of DCN Next Generation
• Up to 32 language channels as a high quality
• Very easy to use console interpreter with "tips"
• Transfer from one operator of several meetings
Voters used to listen to simultaneous translation headphones connected to the discussion units.
Ergonomic console interpreter is a powerful and handy tool. Console can be installed on the surface of the table, and flush. The console design is the result of extensive research on the usability of an interpreter. Remote control can also use the blind users, thanks to a logical button layout and audio feedback.
Simply connects to the remote system (and then automatically recognized). Simply turn the power to control was ready to go.
Digital infrared distribution system of sound Integrus firm Bosch Security Systems obespechivaetdo 32 wireless channels for simultaneous interpretation.
• Up to 31 language channels for simultaneous translation and a language speaker
• Free movement of participants in the hall
• Easy retrofit multipurpose halls
Simultaneous translation system Integrus compatible with virtually any congress system, including the CCS-800 analog and digital congress system DCN. Special technology ensures perfect sound and absolute protection from interference lighting systems. An infrared sound transmission provides privacy and convenience of use, if different discussions are in separate rooms because signals can not pass through walls or ceilings.
Delegates participate in a meeting, talking in their own language using a personal receiver and earphone. Delegates may choose the language of translation which will sound in the headphones, using a handheld switch channels on the equipment for simultaneous interpretation.
Translate, in real time from remote locations, saves time and money, since the translators are not required to be present at the meeting. Through the use of modern equipment for simultaneous translation, this remote place can be any point on the globe. Image of the delegate, who is currently making a speech can be transmitted to the dome camera to the display of an interpreter.
Alphanumeric LCD display provides easy-to-read information about the selected language as plain text. To further improve the display "quality» («quality level») of incoming language. This allows the interpreter to know the way to accept transfers - direct or indirect. This feature allows you to avoid the indirect translation, if available direct translation in a language familiar to the translator.
Ability to auto-switch (auto-relay) allows translators to translate from an unfamiliar language, where the panel automatically transfers the language relayed to other remote transmitter for later transfer to a more accessible language.
Simultaneous translation eliminates the language barrier
As you can see, the modern equipment allows for simultaneous translation of the highest quality of understanding in any negotiations in which delegates use several languages. Simultaneous translation equipment is a necessary part of public events, the sharing of critical information, and therefore widely used for a variety of tasks from ensuring political negotiations and business meetings to the possibility of medical congresses or scientific conferences.
Simultaneous translation systems are constantly improved and today allow any delegate to perceive their environment naturally: as if the language barrier did not exist at all.
On the other hand, the remote interpreter is also becoming easier and easier: in fact the work of the specialist has a very high complexity, and any change directly affects the quality of translation. Using professional boards will ensure that an interpreter be able to fully concentrate on their task.







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